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Buyers: Homes are like anything else, there is always something that needs attention, even a new home. The basic problem for most folks when buying a home is that, more times than not they are not looking at the home as a whole but specifics like: location, layout, schools, neighborhood, upgrades, pool etc. That coupled with a varying degree of knowledge of building trades may not leave you going into the purchase with your eyes wide open! This is a big purchase for most people, for some the biggest purchase that they make in their lives. Bottom line, a good home inspection only costs a fraction of a percent of the cost of the home and by having a second set of eyes that are unbiased and well informed in the trades on site, it's like having a private consultant at your disposal.

Benefits of a good home inspection

What you need to know about the inspection process

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I.C.U. Home Inspections

Realtors: Generically speaking, realtors benefit by having a middle man check out the overall condition of the property so that, in the event of undisclosed anomalies, they are not held responsible. The benefits of using me are that I give narrated reports with pictures, with emphasis on detail so that everybody involved can understand the problem(s) at hand. Which equates into time saved in call backs. I take pride in my reports and as such, they are pretty accurate and error free. Finally, I do a lot of go between work like scheduling termite inspections and calling listing agents and because I am a one man band, when you call I.C.U. Home Inspections you get me not some answering service that has to track down the inspector that did the job!

Please carefully read your entire Inspection Report.  If you were not able to talk to me at the time of inspection, after reading this, I will be more than happy to go over any questions you may have.  Remember, when the inspection is completed and the report is delivered I'm still available to you for any questions you may have,

Properties being inspected do not get a pass or fail. A home inspection is intended to assist in the evaluation of the overall condition of the dwelling. The inspection is based on observation of the visible and apparent condition of the structure and its components on the date of the inspection with emphasis on safety and not the prediction of future conditions. Current code issues are not a home inspectors responsibility but some may be mentioned in the report, especially if there is a safety issue involved. Any obstruction that prevents me from accessing areas normally inspected like vegetation or possessions, limits the accuracy of this report, for obvious reasons. Although I do not concern myself with cosmetic issues as that isn't what a home inspection is about, some may be called out if, as an example, structural integrity could result if not attended too. I belong to and follow the code of ethics and inspection guidelines set by interNACHI which is a national association for certified home inspectors.

For your safety and liability purposes, I recommend that licensed contractors evaluate and repair any critical concerns and defects.  Note that this report is a snapshot in time. I recommend that you or your representative carry out a final walk through inspection immediately before closing to check the condition of the property, using this report as a guide.